New Soy and Seed Superloaf

Super bread packed with superfoods for optimal health and vitality.

Responding to increased consumer demand for healthy but versatile breads, we have developed a new unique loaf that contains many real superfoods. Well-known nutritionist Catherine Saxelby, has listed her top 20 superfoods on her website. Irrewarra’s new Soy and Seed Superloaf, contains the following superfood ingredients from Catherine’s list (including “close contenders”): soy, linseed (flaxseed), oat bran, wheat germ, quinoa and chia. One of Australia’s most well-respected nutritionists Rosemary Stanton, listed sourdough bread in her top 20 foods. Between two of the top nutritionists in the field, this new loaf ticks all the boxes!

The Soy and Seed Superloaf is different to our Breakfast Seed Loaf. This new loaf is lighter, made from white flour dough with some wholewheat flour (bran and wheatgerm), whereas the Breakfast Seed Loaf is made entirely with stoneground wholewheat flour and has a different combination of seeds and no soy. This new loaf is great for sandwiches and can be toasted for many sensational breakfast combinations – with avocado, spinach and smoked salmon, poached eggs and tomato, avocado, tomato and goat curd or simply toasted with butter and Vegemite! The loaf is rolled in quinoa and sesame seeds. With the two seed loaves now on offer, you have a great choice for 100% healthy sourdough breads.

We are great advocates that sourdough is the only bread you should eat! Why? Because it’s fermented, has a lower GI compared to other bread varieties and the gluten has been broken down so it’s more digestible than “fast food” yeast breads! Irrewarra sourdough is known for boasting only simple and natural ingredients.

We hope you enjoy the new loaf and would love your feedback, including recipes and other ways you’ve enjoyed the Soy and Seed Superloaf.